All That’s Left

This album features Chrys Jones of Christcentric, Pastor J of Livin Epistlez & Beth Fortune. It is available on all major digital outlets for download & stream.


Bon Appetit

Añyo and Shamar Monk (aka Consci The Nabi) feature in this first single from No Grey Areas. Get your copy HERE!

Reformed Bars presents…

The Barsmen are just a group of redeemed kids repping the King.  A handful of former misfits, redeemed by the blood of the Messiah, connected on a Facebook group (Reformed Bars) of all places. Similar gifts, a passion for the same style of music and one faith – Reformed Bars presents to you The Barsmen Vol. 1.


No Grey Areas

This album is taking things to another level. It will contain features from For His Name Sake, T. Barlow, Consci The Nabi, & more. Be on the lookout!


Support Good Music!


Conscience, AKA Consci the Nabi, brought the knowlwdge and wisdom on this album. Walk the journey. Step into the Dojo – Midian’s Dojo.

Chrys Jones

Chrys Jones, a new addition to Christcentric, speaks life over 14 tracks plus a couple bonus to make it even more complete. Meno is a must have production!

Tone Spain

This album is a gem from one of Philadelphia’s finest lyricists.  As always, his aim here is to glorify Christ while edifying those in Him as well as draw those who don’t have a relatonship with the Messiah. Don’t miss out on Glass Ceilin.


The picture is made clear in the course of this 19 track cutter.  Another Philly great, Stract shows how it should be done – getting rid of “self”, starting with himself. More to come from this man.  But, in the meantime, get this and more through the Download link below.  Support good music!


This New York native beast brings the heat on his debut mixtape he titled The Lion’s Den.  And guess what.  He’s giving it away FREE, so there’s no excuse for you to miss out on this one!  Click on the button below to get to it. And don’t forget……..SUPPORT GOOD MUSIC!


Too much to say about this dude.  Start by saying that he slayed it in his new single “What I Confess”! The cadence this veteran drops is unmatched. Check out several albums of earlier work just below, and look out for more to come!

Livin' Epistlez

Led by Pastor J, they carry the unadulterated Word of God to the streets with love, compassion & realness. Here, you can find loads of content to start with.


Here’s a freebie for you!  The vision and production of S. Moody partnered with yours truly on lyrics and performance.  This is a cut you don’t want to miss.  It is relative to us all – the decay of humankind through sin. Download and share with a friend…or enemy.


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