The Art: More Than a Sound Sequence

Music is more than a compilation of sounds.  It’s something that comes from the soul. Music can be therapeutic.  Music can be inspiring as well as depressing.  Music can be an art form or just a passive series of notes.  Music is an intuitive method of expression. Above all things, music is universal.

For me, music is  message.  And that message is simple. In spite of all that we may encounter, endure or hope, there is nothing more important than The Creator and our personal relationship with Him.  Below are some samples of that message.  Feel free listen to them.  If you feel inspired to invest in the downloaded copies for you or a friend, all is appreciated and goes right back into creating more.  If you want to support just by listening and sharing, click the button below, and I will send my entire discography free.

True Lies

by Genesis feat Chrys Jones | All That's Left


by Genesis feat Consci, Pastor J & Tone Spain

West of Eden

by Genesis feat Beth Fortune | All That's Left

Title Bout

by Genesis feat Pastor J | All That's Left


by Production of S. Moody feat Genesis

Runnung Man

by Genesis | Independent Artist Spotlight (Trackstarz)

Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world.

~ Martin Luther ~

LYRICS: Words To Think Over


Don’t be naive. There are difficult times ahead. As the end approaches, people are going to be self-absorbed, money-hungry, self-promoting, stuck-up, profane, contemptuous of parents, crude, coarse, dog-eat-dog, unbending, slanderers, impulsively wild, savage, cynical, treacherous, ruthless, bloated windbags, addicted to lust, and allergic to God. 

Verse 1
Chemtrails lacing the skies
I wonder how much longer will the birds fly
The Prince, the one of Peace, sees the Doves Cry
Watching the evil and deceitful with a birds eye
I know He’s watching through the layers of Purple Rain
Emancipation awaits if we should ever change
But it’s the Sign O’ the Times; the Controversy’s lame
Circle the Planet Earth – Around the World In a Day
Chaos and Disorder – the topics smother the N.E.W.S.
The Rainbow Children with Dirty Minds abuse
Looking into their Crystal Ball to find the truth
Not knowing that The Gold Experience comes from You
And it’s all for You
But they were promised Diamonds and Pearls, cars, houses, & girls
Platinum status – elevated in the world
Not knowing that the end of this world will soon come

Verse 2
I daily see lost souls thinking that that they’ve arrived
The dead treading the earth thinking that they’re alive
Pied piper is steadily keeping em mesmerized
Leading them over the edge – death by homicide
Starving for stardom; postpartum regression
Boast diagnosed as ghost manic depression
Most reveal gross desires in counsel sessions
Depraved mind state of the host – a blind lesson
I’ll be your best kept secret until you want to unleash it
I’ll be that unseen footage to drop when you wanna leak it
I’ll be your mouthpiece of truth when you need to speak it
I’ll be that track you want them playin – you may need to tweak it
I ain’t perfect – don’t deserve your love or equal treatment
I deserve the worst of all your wrath & smashed to pieces
Cause everything I’ve sown, I know that I will reap it
But I’m giving you my all; I pray, oh God, you keep it

Verse 3
We cry and complain in abundance of rain
But when the drought kicks in we’re doing the same thing
Fashion & fame is what consumes our hearts & brains
Our spirits face it and chase it no matter how vain
We bleed the block and street just to make ends meet
But when it’s at it’s end, we only want more
We beat the block & street for some things to keep
Then we die unfulfilled with nothing at the core
Always hunting for something that can bridge the gap
Always a mission for brick that we can build and stack
On a lost mission just wishing that we could get it back
The answer’s getting grafted to the Tree of Life w/ living sap
That’s where it’s at!
So you can’t find what you need blowing trees or working in a trap
You ain’t going to find peace in bills that stack or fold
Only in He who shed his blood for the souls of the hopeless


Verse 1
I praise God – could be sippin’ vodka on the rockahs
But I’d be super stupid to do it, and that’s the truest
Now I’m just drunk off of the Spirit
Spilling a hundred fifty proof; no twist, no juice – just straight lyrics
Besides, the Rock has got me on a whole ‘nother level
Another type of high – not just a light buzz to get me by
Got me anchored on the ground while I kiss the sky
And set sail past the borders of the Milky Way
Where no jets trail the corners of the cityscape
The day after the rain is such a sweet escape
When the clouds separate and the sun starts to break
And i can see what He has in store for me
He’s the reason why we live; we’re the reason why we die
That’s the reason that, in Him, we need to glorify
He’s the reason why we live; we’re the reason why we die
That’s the reason that, in Him, we need to glorify


If you surrender everything, say yeah
All glory to the Almighty King – say yeah
Lift your head up and sing, say yeah

Verse 2
I struggle in life with the struggles of life
I’ve felt I’ve struggled beyond my limits once or twice
If I could let go to control my limits, that’d be nice
But He told me He’s got it under control – is that right?
I’m supposed to keep my eye on the goal & stay light
Supposed to keep my eye on the road – remain tight
Praying for everybody but got problems of my own
Who will I encourage when I’m feeling like my life is blown
Finding it harder to remain off in the zone
And take this thing serious while I’m playing on this microphone
Times are feeling hard; life is slipping through the cracks
Does that really mean I need a scheme to get it back
Nah. That means I have just a little time for lament
Be thankful for that little bit of rain to cool the pavement
Remain true to Him because He made the payment
He’s forever faithful so I thank Him – forever in my soul


Verse 1
Got me pulled off the liquor, goon gone off the Swisher
Had to start it out like that so you would get the bigger picture
I’m really sprung off of that Living Water, no Sprite thirst quencher
I don’t need sweet diluted mixture – keep it all clear scripture
They say I’m too religious; well, this is just the way I live
I’m indigenous to holy living; that’s just what it is
It’s not me that’s perfect; naw, I’m made perfect in His gift
I’ma let Him do the working; I’m just serving Him like this
You say mind over matter. I say Spirit over mind
So I am out to drop this flesh and leave it all behind
Cause He ordered all my steps, and I’m just trying to stay in line
And I’m giving it my best, and I’m dying to be dying
The fruit that’s produced that stems from the vine
The juice that’s reduced, fresh – not fermented for wine
It’s about 7:59 and it’s time to rise and grind
I’ve got the light of Christ, so let this light of mine shine

Verse 2
Yeah, this is that Title Bout. Know what the title’s ’bout?
One God, One King and me calling all His rivals out
North, east, west, yeah – even from down in the south
I’m Daniel in the lion’s den – He’s shutting up lying mouths
Set ’em up, locked and loaded like a rifle mount
Deadened up – got a hold upon their vital count
I don’t mind being David with a slingshot
Aiming for these giants – no, I won’t have my King mocked
From some soft-serve satanist calming he’s god
Or the half mass Christians trying to inch up on a sweet spot
I’ve got a pocket full of stones, but the only one that’s thrown
A win for us reppin Him – heirs to His thrown
Shalom, Adonai, El Shaddai, Jehovah Rapha
The only one that we should love to call Big Papa
Eternal Reigning Champ – beginning to the finish
Each word of His, exquisite & His sentences are vintage – sip it

Verse 3

They say that boy’s on a mission; yeah a mission
Said he’s getting what he’s getting – while the getting’s good
Said he wasn’t hood enough, sounding like he should
I just want speak clearly, don’t want to be misunderstood
Don’t want my words to be mistaken, lost in translation
Wonder why I do the things I do – what’s my motivation
Well, it definitely ain’t the fetti, girls, cribs, rims
Ice, gold, spice, blow, whips, chains, S and M’s
Nah bro, papa’s got a brand new bag
Graduated from myself to a brand new class
Rep the blood-stained banner – got a brand new flag
Got the right sized jeans, so my pants don’t sag
They fiend for favor, so they’re blinging on the major
While they chase the paper, I chase the Creator and Savior
While they’re blowing up to cater and steadily catching vapors
I’ll be throwing up the deuces for Life – bye haters


I’m not chasing the fame every time I drop a line
I’ve got a vision to reinstate all sight to the blind
I ain’t trying to say my name every time I spit a rhyme
but before you get to crying – fine
Just call me G. E. N. E. S. I. S.
Inception injection; I bury my flesh
I was born to supremacy; my identity in His death
God’s legacy left me an ultimatum on a quest
For the appointed time, I was to rhyme and put poetry in motion – roller coasting
Not in a dimly lit atmosphere just to keep captives here
But to speak truth in peace and to outcast the fear
I’m nowhere near good; I only wish that I could
kill the Mister Sinister inside – forget the spot where he died
6 feet is nowhere near deep enough to hide
That night-crawling thief or that beast full of pride
Spit rain – spit fire; end game – live wire
No need for satire; no 7 leaf to get higher
It’s time to raise the bar, so I’ma start by raising bars major hard. Nah. I’ll give’em to you major raw
Serve it to you with a side of oxygen to get you far
The hunt is on – and the beast ain’t caged at all
The beast. The beat. The heat this track leaks
The wheels. The street. Where instrumental & rap meet.
This scrappy looking cat from the bottom of the map
In da Boot where the swamps and the Super Doom are at
In a league with the sickest – my brain leaks and it twists just
Like it was masked with some acid strands of vibranium
I may not be biggest, maybe not even the quickest
But I am so alive and I’m fortified with titanium
Dont need accolades – that’s not where I’m aiming
I’m out to reach souls for Christ, & that’s all I’m claiming
No, I’m not from the hood, but yo I’ve been there
Lived there – Was up to no good the years I spent there
And didn’t care, and still don’t really want to go back
To the land of Leen, schemes, dope fiends, & crack
I’m not Shawn Carter. I’m not T.i.
No more a dough boy flipping cakes and pies.
Though I’ve been in that state, that life has passed by
Now I’m trying to live life right in my Daddy’s eye
Knowing that He’s watching and taking note of everything
Knowing that every sin was pinned to the wrists of His slain
One Begotten Son – and I know that I am to blame
For his death, for his murder so it would be foolish not to change
Foolish to stay the same – representing the things
That the world glorifies – blood drenched or blood stained
When my God sees me, it’s through His Jesus tinted lenses
So though I know that I will fail, I need to be about His business
Being an active member of the Body – be His witness
To live the life and speak the truth – be about His mission
I lived my life in grayscale before there was living color
The spectrum of Light I rejected like many others
Sinning smothered – drooling – smoother than melted butter
Too close to losing – a fool moving the cutter
Bout 50 loose. I’ll give another
I’m gonna let the track rest a bit
In a minute I’ll spit the rest of it
Now I’m on fire for Christ, unphased, I start to blaze
Folks seem to be amazed that Christ can save
I’m packed with praise due to the path that He paved
The path He laid is way past my days & pay grade
I’m so elated that I’m no longer a stray
So long astray, but now no bond to pay
The redirection expressed, it carries on today
No glory is due to me – only to the Truth, Life & Way
The Author – composing oceans via voice command
Siri is merely a theory compared to the motion of His hand
He writes bios on autopilot though we try to deny Him
Odds stacked against – can do nothing to override it
I’ve been battling me for so long
I wish that I could get strong
Like Clark in that junkyard
Choke that old me real hard
Till he disappears in thin air
I know most have been there
Battle the prince of the air
I want to get deep – tread deep in the footsteps of He
The loving Prince of Peace who washes soles of feet
And get a new start just as its seems that it’s ending
This is just the first part – its only the beginning

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