I realize that we are in a time were it seems everything is changing and anything goes.  We strive for uniqueness only to be just like the next person. The truth is, while we are pressing to evolve, the Creator of all things needs not change – He is perfect.  You may know the name “Jesus”, but it is important that you know Him, and even more, that He know you.  Unashamedly, yet with humility, my aim is to shed light of Who He is, what He has done, and what is to come through all platforms I have been given.

Louisiana born, Texas raised, J. Alexander (AKA Genesis) had his roots as an artist nearly all his life. In the beginning, it was visual arts. Early teen state swung through with an interest in writing. By mid teen years, poetics influenced by hip-hop and rap were implemented.

Genesis had been raised with the influence and love of music from many genres, mainly rock, soul and r&b. He received introduction to the music industry with involvement in a label in New Orleans in the late 90s. As the preferred genre of rap aged, he felt it began to corrode more and more, lacking substance. After a receiving The Messiah in early 2K, Genesis took a sabbatical of sorts for several years, purging out mainstream musical output and intake.

Still having talent for composing mind-stirring lyrical combinations, Genesis was given a new direction…a new beginning. Now a certified graphic designer, still having a passion for lyrical composition, artfully armed for the new mission, Genesis uses his God-given gifts to magnify the Giver and enrich others through visuals and music with a real message. Not the desensitizing message of money, drugs and sex spewed in the majority heard in mainstream, but a message of reality, hope, and promise. He uses the tools given to inspire others to use theirs in the same fashion – for the purpose of edification in Christ.

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